Avalon Trials Release and Reviews


Genre: Its an adult contemporary fantasy with King Arthur imagery. 

Tropes: forced proximity, chosen ones, and slow burn.

TW/CW: violence, language, blood, death, decapitation (not graphic though), and encounters with phobias including spiders, heights, small spaces, etc.

Page count: approx 324

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Three ‘Chosen Ones.’ Thirteen days. One lie with the potential to end the world.

When Cordelia lied to the Guardians of the Lake—the legendary protectors of the island of Avalon and Excalibur—she never expected her candidate and close friend, Will, to be one of the three candidates chosen to prevent the end of the world fifteen years later. As she struggles between telling Will the truth or coming clean with her fellow Guardians, she and Will are attacked by a villainous group bent on obtaining magic via Excalibur. The only way to escape is through the portal to Avalon.

With the other candidates already killed by Avalon’s forces, Cordelia and her ill-prepared group are the world’s final hope. The deadly Trials become the least of her worries as the villains find their way to the island and suspicions are raised that someone on her team is a traitor. As Cordelia travels deeper into Avalon, she must face the truth or become the next in a long line of Avalon casualties.