Pisces Drowning Review Tour


Genre: young adult, urban fantasy

Trigger warnings: kidnapping, human trafficking = young children/teens in danger.
death of teens off screen, drowning, and research "torture." one scene where a teen is drowned to force them to use their powers to breathe underwater.


Earth magick – earth, wind, fire, water
Zodiac powers
“Witch fire” – earth fire
Denial of magic from those without
Government -forced schools for teens with powers
Coming of age
Diversity: different cultures and different types of Powers: magic vs. medically enhanced teens
Tension between those with magic and those without
Friendships – specifically diverse/opposite types of teens joining to work together despite differences and social status
Strong female lead
Flawed characters
Crowd anxiety
Human trafficking / Kidnapping

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I'm finally able to control my blue fire magick.

But now, I'm being forced to use my Leo powers to save other Zodiac teens from danger. After rescuing a group of kidnapped teens from a warehouse, I thought we were on the right track to stop the kidnappers.

But then they started targeting Pisces with water powers and our mission became urgent.

As if that wasn't enough stress, clues we've discovered hint that before my parents died, their zodiac research might have helped these kidnappers. With the whole city of Seattle in danger, I must race against time to save the kidnapped teens and prevent disaster.