Rise of the Legion Queen Release and Review Tour

 Direct sequel to "The Girl From Beyond The Veil," available now on Kindle Unlimited. Book one will be provided if needed.

Genre: Dark fantasy, fae fantasy romance

Tropes: chosen one, Fate, fated mates, good vs evil, self discovery


Word count: approx 95K

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The first battles loom, but promises crumble to dust. Alliances falter. Even lovers scatter like ash on the wind. When the Courts burn, cloaks will turn. The Goddess's hand will bring some together. Others - driven apart by the sting of envy and betrayal - will end in the arms of the enemy.

All the while, the dark star burns. Hidden. Waiting.

Arianette slips away beyond the Veil to beg the aid of the Blood Queen, hunted by the man who wants to own her body and soul. Meanwhile, dispatched to the Court of Shadows, Varik and Lorna seek to broker a deal with the new Shadow Empress to stay the tide of blood that threatens to sweep over the Ethereal Realms

The time draws nigh when everyone must choose a side.

Blurb for "The Girl Beyond The Veil":

A girl torn between worlds. A realm waiting for its chosen one.

Arianette could not help but be drawn to the strange music in the forest during the Rite - when the Veil between worlds is at its thinnest.

After being lured into the war-ravaged Ethereal Realms by a shadowy woman and bound by a bargain with a wayward fae lord, Arianette finds herself torn between two worlds as she tries to solve the mystery of her origins... before the Fae Courts burn.

When the truth is revealed about who—and what—Arianette is, she must decide if she will follow the course written in her stars.