These Crimson Bonds Release and Review Tour


Genre: dark romance

Triggers: Sexually Explicit, Explicit Language, Graphic Sexual Assault, Mild Blood Play, Light Bondage, Sex Trafficking, Kidnapping, Drugs (Used to anesthetize), Physical Assault, Murder, Gun/Knife Violence, PTSD, Suicidal Ideations (Nothing specific or graphic), Death of a Parent

Tropes: Serial Unalivers, Burn the world down for her, Dark Secrets, Found Family, Soulmates, The one who got away, Emotional Scars, Spice

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Danger lurks everywhere, especially in the places you feel safest.

There was no denying the gravitational pull Lily and Adrian have always felt towards each other. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right for these childhood sweethearts. After going through the unimaginable, they drifted apart—only staying in-touch through occasional messages. They allowed the trauma to fuel their spirits, both vowing to never let themselves feel weak ever again.

A chance encounter five years after they graduated high school seemed to have finally given them the opportunity for their happily ever after. Surely, the new, stronger versions of themselves would help them through the tribulations of life.

Unfortunately, there may be one too many skeletons in their closets to let them be happy, let alone happy together. And those skeletons are out for blood—their blood.

Will their lies and secrets, that have haunted them for years, bring them closer together? Or tear them apart for good?