This Hallowed Accord Reviews


Genre: Spicy NA Fantasy Romance

Tropes: angels x demons, multiple plans of existence, morally grey mmc, powerful fmc, enemies to lovers, forbidden romance, one bed, who did this to you

TW/CW: cliffhanger

Page count: approx 479

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A silent war between worlds…

For millennia, the three planes of existence have been at war with one another. The Celestials wish to rule the mortal plane to create a utopian society, while the Noctis wish to rule for far more sinister purposes. The mortals are caught in the middle, and just wish to be left alone.

A lone traveler, caught in the middle…

Two hundred years ago, the Way Between Worlds closed suddenly. Travel between planes has been impossible for all–save for one: Shadow, a Celestial, and right hand to the ruler of her city. For the last two hundred years, she has been the only connection to the mortal plane, serving a cruel leader while doing her best to survive.

A stranger, seeking to protect mortals…

On a trip to the mortal plane, Shadow discovers the Noctis have begun traveling through the Way gate. When she attempts to confront them, she is stopped by a beautiful and mysterious stranger. He tells her about a dangerous new drug that is being developed and distributed, and asks for her help eradicating it.

Darkness is spreading…

Caught between two worlds, working alongside her enemy, Shadow agrees to help stop the spread of the drug in order to protect humanity from the Noctis. But as she and the handsome stranger begin to grow closer together, passion ignites, and truths come to light that shake Shadow’s entire worldview. Lines will be drawn, sides must be chosen, and Shadow only hopes she will survive the carnage.