Fallen Idols Review Tour


Genre: fantasy/supernatural thriller

Trigger warnings: t0rture, semi-graphic vi0lence, loss of family members, implied child death, thoughts of su!cide in moments of hopelessness, PTSD and anxiety, and brief implication of dark, old world rituals involving bl00d sacr!fice. 

Tropes/themes/subjects: found family, close quarters, reluctant hero, high stakes, discovering special powers.

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After a lonely year at home, a trip to Rome with her best friend isn’t exactly the reunion Danielle expected, nor did she ever imagine that it would end in her brutal abduction.

Imprisoned by four men with demonic eyes, Danielle is tortured for weeks and broken within an inch of her life. At the last moment, she is rescued by a group of four mysterious young men, who aren’t men, exactly, but Lapsi—what others mistakenly refer to as vampires. They hide her from the demons that still want her, and provide for her while she heals from her trauma.

She bonds with all her rescuers—especially with Felkyn, who admires her strength, and encourages her to hone her budding power for her protection—but one of the four seems determined to dislike her.

When tensions turn hostile, Danielle realizes that the little band of Lapsi are involved in something much deeper. To Danielle’s horror, alliances shift, and she becomes a priceless prize in a dangerous game that threatens her life from all sides.