Legacy in Crystal Review Sign-Ups


Genre: paranormal romance (book 2 of 3)

Trigger warnings: 

Tropes/themes/subjects: Poly/whychoose - all partners equal.

Word Count: approx 68k

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With Pollie in a coma, Percy has to step forward and keep the coterie members from disintegrating.

When they discover that Meggie, a powerful witch, who has defied death is behind the coma and several kidnappings and deaths, they have to find a way to bring Pollie out of her entrapment.

Turning to Marilyn, an older magic user from Boston to help them, she arrives and is able to free Pollie.Finally the coterie is complete when Ravi Sorensen arrives at the Hall, but Meggie is using his little sister Sura as insurance for his help against the coterie.

Can their discovery of a legacy left for them in secret help them to not only desgtroy Meggie but the Chimera as well?

Find out in this exciting sequel to Lady Emma's Diaries.