The Punch of Magic Release and Review


Genre: fantasy

Tropes: one bed, he falls first, she used sex as a bargaining ship and a weapon (against MMC), who did this to you


Word count: approx 100k

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What day, you wake up and someone is knocking on your door?
He’s charming and handsome as sin, but he has a disturbing message for you .
“I just want you to know that you are my favorite book character. I know how it ends for you, and I want to change that.”
What if that handsome man was actually YOUR favorite book character? Would you follow him?

That's exactly what happened to Oriane.
More or less.
William didn’t softly knock on her door, though, he knocked the whole thing down instead!
So, Oriane broke his nose, and William didn’t wait for her to make a choice. He tied her up and kidnapped her, bringing her on a new adventure in a whole new world…

But is this new world ready for Oriane?