The Songs That Beckon Cover Release Day


The Songs That Beckon is a that uniquely blends whimsical fairytale with dark academia undertones. It's a portal fantasy set in a gaslamp world not too dissimilar from ours that spans several realms and introduces the readers to a multitude of magical beasts, beings, and plants. From multiple points of view, we follow a cast of characters as they work together to discover what is taking their loved ones and as they tackle the complex emotions of grief and growing romantic feelings for one another. Comparable titles are Belladonna and The Infernal Devices, with Alice in Wonderland and Secret Garden elements.

Tropes: slowburn, found family, hidden identities, hidden abilities, mental health rep, prophesy, good vs evil

TW/CW: drug use/withdrawal, grief, suicidal ideation, fantasy violence, language

Word/page count: approx 80k words

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BLURB (unofficial):

Their grief binds them.
The song calls them.
The Darkness seeks to claim them.

When tragedy strikes, and they find all those they hold dear missing, a human, a changeling, and a nymph must struggle together through worlds and tangled emotions in a race against the rising Darkness.

The Songs That Beckon is the first in a dark and dreamy duology about love and loss and three people who will go to any lengths for family.