These Deadly Dreams Release and Review Tour

*this is book 2 of a series*book one is available on ku, and can be requested for the tour if needed*

Genre: dark paranormal romance

Tropes: why choose, MM

TW/CW: violence, language, bl00d play, graphic s+x scenes - book one: on page r@pe/SA, assault, drugs/alcohol; book two: mention of past r@pe, tortue, CNC

Word count:

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Harpies are things of fairy tales. Mythological creatures of violence and bloodshed. And apparently, I am one.

After discovering my true identity, I’m determined to take back control of my life. My first goal is to stop this ridiculous contest to win my hand in marriage. Then, I have to turn my attention to something more sinister: an evil ex-fiance, a mysterious warehouse, and a threat to my life.

Add to that, my new-found powers are unstable. I’m having strange dreams. And I don’t even know who I am anymore. But I do know my three mates, my Shields, are the only ones keeping me going.

My bloody vampire.

My mysterious alpha.

My sweet and caring mage.

While I may have accepted my bonds with Malakai and Cade, Sterling is another matter. His betrayal still sits heavy on my heart, but I’m ready to accept the bond. He has other ideas, though. When he takes the threat to my safety into his own hands and gets captured, I risk losing one of my shields, and the realization sends my magic into a frenzy.

Saving Sterling and making him mine becomes my priority. However, as I’ve learned, fate tends to have her own plans. A new development, one that sits close to my heart, threatens to upend my world once again. Only time will tell if I am strong enough to handle this one.