Within the Solstice Cages Release & Review Tour


Must have read As the Fallen Rise prior to receiving the ARC for this book!

Genres: urban paranormal, dark fantasy
Tropes: found family, mythical creatures, ancient artifacts, romance subplot, good vs evil,
Triggers: violent death, consensual sex scene, non-consensual sex (off page)
Word count: approx 150,000

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The only person who can help Delia Savas is the one she hates the most.
Driven by a gut-wrenching tragedy, Delia agrees to embark on a mission to Vatican City in hopes of finding answers about a secret society. And, even though the only person who can help her is her enemy, being constantly reminded that she made a deal with the devil herself is painful. There's more to the investigation than meets the eye, though, and Delia risks losing everything she loves if only to find out the truth.

The true heir to the fae throne must face the courts after two hundred years of hiding.
Odette Milne would have stayed hidden forever, if not for the sinister disappearance of her only friend's father. But the home she returns to is nothing like the one she left behind. Ruin, slavery, and devastation are the rule of the land. Odette must make a choice; escape into hiding once again or sacrifice her life for a place she'd run away from for centuries.

One woman has it all-- until her life crumbles from underneath her.
A bright career, powerful magic, a found family...but Greer Myers is watching everything fall apart. And worse, she has no one to blame but herself. An involuntary visit to the underworld leaves her resolute and vengeful, but her only focus now is getting back home. She'll do whatever it takes to make things right, even if it means crossing Samsara to get there. 

Three words on a collision course. A battle looming on the horizon. War is coming