All the Chaos of Constellations Release Day

 Genre: fantasy romance

Tropes: fae, rejected mates, fake dating, morally grey villain, secret magic, forced marriage, and unrequited love

TW/CW: explicit sexual content, foul language, fighting, mental abuse, and anxiety rep

Word/page count: approx 100k words

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The stars never lie. 

Novalise has until the end of Midsummer to marry, but when fate binds her to a male who wants nothing to do with her, she finds herself uncertain of what to do—choose a husband on her own or let her brother decide for her. When a notorious assassin arrives with a tempting solution to her problem, Novalise strikes a bargain in hopes of winning her mate’s heart. 

But one stolen kiss will change everything.

Asher wants nothing to do with love or the inevitable pain it brings, so when one fateful kiss reveals his mate, he immediately refuses to accept her. Until the female bound to him announces her engagement to a deadly assassin with a brutal reputation.

When he discovers a plot against the queen that puts Novalise in danger, Asher must decide whether to protect his own heart and walk away forever or challenge her betrothed in a fight he cannot win in hopes of re-claiming what he lost: her heart.

In a world of bargains and magic, betrayal and bonds, not even the stars can promise that love will prevail. 

All the Chaos of Constellations is the first in a fantasy romance collection of interconnected stand-alones set in a world where marriage is necessary, but love isn’t always guaranteed. Filled with swoony, Bridgerton vibes, this spicy tale of unrequited love and fake dating brings you a broody fae lord and the darling fae lady determined to win his heart…if she isn’t forced into an arranged marriage first.