Academy Games Release and Review Tour


Genre: Fantasy Romance

Trigger/content warnings: Bullying, mental abuse, parental abandonment, anxiety, violence, and blood.

🏹 The Hunger Games x Magic
🏫 Magical Academies
🧙 Witches x Wizards
❤️‍🔥 Slow Burn Romance
😠 Reverse Grumpy x Sunshine
🌶️ Spice
💚 Mental Health Rep

Word Count: approx 83k

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Perfection is key.
That’s how Ayra Brightheart made it to Fraydora Academy. It didn’t matter that her parents left her at the academy’s doorstep when she was a baby; she had to earn her way in. Years of studying, late nights, taunting from her classmates, memorizing spells and recipes secured her spot.
And now, her final test awaits.
Every year, Fraydora Academy for Witches competes against Traquore Academy for Wizards in a series of games. Whoever wins earns themselves and their school high prestige.
Ayra has worked tirelessly throughout her years at Fraydora for a chance to participate in the games, and when she finds out she made the cut, she’s ready to win, but the last person she expected to meet was Ryne Gwydion.
Ryne is a carefree, fun seeking, kindhearted ray of sunshine. He’s the kind of wizard she should stay away from because he could derail her end goal, but the games have a different plan in mind.
The council is ready for the realm to change. They’re tired of the growing tension between witches and wizards, so they take matters into their own hands. Changing the games— and this pair— entirely.
Let the games begin.