Emissary of Darkness Review Tour



Dark fae fantasy romance. Trigger warning for 61k words

Genre: dark fae fantasy romance


TW/CW:  questionable consent

Word/page count: approx 61K

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Loyalty's edge cuts deep in the game of deceit, and the heart is the ultimate pawn.

In the dark heart of the Shadow Court, Huntmaster Osiris grapples with his rise to power. Once a gladiator, now a pawn in Empress Ereda's cruel game, he is haunted by memories of Lorna, Ereda's gentler sister, and his own acts of treachery. When Ereda forces Osiris to commit unthinkable atrocities for her entertainment, he realizes he's become a monster in her shadow. But an unexpected mission offers a glimmer of hope: a chance to infiltrate the Resistance - and change the Shadow Court forever.

Torn between loyalty, love, and a burning desire for redemption, Osiris must navigate the treacherous political landscape, where one wrong move could cost him everything. Will he find his way back to the light or be consumed by the shadows of betrayal?