The Fun Aunt Release Day


Genre: contemporary romance 

Tropes: small town shenanigans, family dynamics, forced proximity, sunshine vs grump, 90s nostalgia, and an artist searching for her lost muse

TW/CW: adult situations (not explicit), alcohol consumption, alcohol use by minors, and serious health scare for a parent.

Word/page count: 322 pages

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BLURB (unofficial):

She’s lost her muse… But this summer she might find it in the unlikeliest of places.

Evie Cormac remembers being passionate about her art but that was before. Before she started working from home and her art space became her office. Before she focused on her career. Before her art got rejected and she stored everything in her closet. It’s been four years since she’s painted and she has no plans to break that streak.

Until her eldest niece requests her assistance with the Senior Class Summer of Service. Now this fun aunt must dust off those creative skills and work with the serious(ly good-looking) Vice Principal, Reid Warner, who is determined to shut the entire program down to cut costs. They form an unlikely team to navigate the summer’s activities and support the senior class. Once he discovers her past as an artist, Reid encourages Evie to open herself back up to her muse.
Will she find her creativity again? Or will she lose her heart in the process?