The Unbroken Queen Review Tour


Genre: Fantasy Romance

Trigger/content warnings:  medium language, fantasy violence, death

Tropes/themes/subjects: enemies to lovers, found family, feisty heroine, medium spice

Word Count: About 167,000 words

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Born illegitimate. Trained an assassin. Crowned a queen.
As an illegitimate princess, I’m bound by duty and betrothed to the crown prince of the House of Tannard, rulers of the nearby realms. However, beneath the royal façade, I serve as a loyal disciple of the formidable Sistern of Silence, the masters of soul voice. The sacred legacy of the death arts, a rare gift, courses through my veins, a heritage from my father’s line.
Upon reaching the distant shores of Tarragona to meet my betrothed, I discover I've been manipulated by the Mother of the Sistern. I was chosen to be the future queen for a reason I can’t yet fathom—a reason that could bring catastrophic consequences upon the realms.
As the northern realm's thirst for power intensifies and its enigmatic Razohan leader aims to reclaim the southern throne and the prized Etherweave, my disdain for my fiancé seems inconsequential, overshadowed by the imminent specter of war.
To protect the House of Tannard and maintain the delicate equilibrium of power, I must delve deeper into the clandestine pillars of the Sistern and awaken the lethal power of the death arts, lying dormant within me.
In a world where treachery and concealed truths dominate, I must remember that in war, love and mercy are luxuries none can afford. I've pledged my allegiance to the House of Tannard, rendering the seductive Razohan leader—my persistent shadow—my adversary.