About Sam

I started reading at a very young age, I have vivid memories of The Rainbow Fish and The Hardy Boys. Of course my earliest fangirl obsession was Harry Potter. While I had a large chunks of my life that I stopped reading for a number of reason, when I found myself again this year… when I rediscovered the fantasy world in the pages of a book… I just feel complete. Reading has become necessary for my mental health and my best source of self-care: it’s a beautiful escape from everyday struggles to help me stay grounded in the real world. 
Since coming back to bookstagram, I’ve joined multiple street/arc teams and many tour companies. I feel like I’ve found my purpose in helping the “little guy”. I found such passion in creating unique graphics to promote everything from cover reveals to full reviews. I’ve built many friendships that fill a hole I didn’t know I had, I’ve build relationships with authors that I could never have imagined being real life. I appreciate all of the support I’ve received in these past few months and especially on this new venture. Words can’t express the excitement and joy that I have at this moment 🖤

Why Choose Bound by Mischief?

BBM offers a broad range of services that can be custom fit to your needs. Because of this extreme flexibility, there is an affordable option for every budget. Time frames for tours span from 1 day to month long events and anything in between. Customized graphics created by myself and our hosts included in service cost. Premade graphics you provide can also be used. 

BBM is a judgement free safe zone for all. With a zero tolerance policy for bigotry or racism, we support and encourage personal growth and acceptance for all of our hosts and clients. We can only have a fun and positive experience if we are all on the same page, so please use the open door policy with my email for any questions and concerns.

Our services are also not limited to just authors! I will promote small bookish businesses as well, though the tours may work a little differently than the typical book tours.

Details of services and packages can be found on the “Clients” tab of this website. 

Media outlets include:

Instagram, TikTok