Welcome Authors and Bookish Businesses!

I am so happy that you are considering Bound by Mischief for your promotional tour needs. I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for right here! 
If you don’t, don’t hesitate to reach out! My primary goal is to be flexible and affordable for every goal and budget by offering completely customizable package deals to fit your needs.
When reading through this page, know that the term “client” is referring to you as the author, business, or booking party.

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All services can be fit within any package.* Please fill out the request form to get started!

TOURS, including but are not limited to:

  • Cover/Blurb/Title Reveals - This involves a group of hosts posting a graphic to advertise your upcoming book. This is a single day service.
  • Release Day Blasts - This involves a group of hosts posting graphics on the date of your release to maximize visibility of the release. This is a single day service.
  • Spotlight Features - This involves a group of hosts posting graphics to advertise existing releases
  • Sales Promos - This involves a group of hosts posting graphics to promote book sales, merch, etc. The length of this service is variable and will be priced using the brackets below.
  • Review Tours - This involves a group of hosts reading your book and leaving reviews over a designated time frame. You must provide the e-book in advance of the tour to allot reading time. This service is typically a 7-day window. Physical copies or swag are optional.
  • IG Reels Tour - Any service can be upgraded to a reels tour. This would involve all posts to be reels as opposed to single graphics. Pricing is in the brackets below.
  • & more

Packages & Services:

Media/Content Creation:

Graphics: 5 for $20
Reels: 5 for $40

Note: aesthetic board or written descriptions must be provided for reels package. 

The Blast: 1 Day (starting at $30)

This option is ideal for:
  • Release day 
  • Cover reveals
  • Single day sales
  • Author announcements
  • Reel Blast (+$10)

The Blitz: 1 Week (starting at $45)

This option is ideal for:
  • ARC/Street team ads
  • General book promotion
  • Multi-day book sales
  • Giveaways
  • Reel Blitz (+$10)

The Mischief: (starting at $75)

This option is ideal for:
  • Review tours*
    • Comes with:
      • Release day blast for new releases
      • Complimentary newsletter sign-up offer
      • Free giveaway tracking and winner selection (if requested)
    • Now including:
      • Vetting ARC readers (as opposed to open enrollment)
      • Minimum guarantee of 10 reviews**
  • Reel Tour (+$10)

The Chaos: Custom Package (starting at TBD)

Details of this package are still under construction. 
  • Standard Chaos package is as follows:
    • TBD
* e-books are required for review tours. They can be sent to BBM and distributed via email, or BBM can send the author the sign-up list for e-books to be sent digitally, directly from the source. Physical offers are not required. If interested in providing a physical book or swag, details should be discussed via email during the booking process.
**If 10 sign-ups do not come back for your review tour, I will be in contact with you to discuss. A low number of sign-ups does not reflect your writing. There are many factors that contribute to this including the time of year/weather/vacations, not being the first in a series, triggers, etc. 

PA Services: Hourly Wage or Monthly Salary to be discussed. 

Service coverage varies and is completely customizable. The list below is based on current projects. I would love to chat about your needs and see if we would make a good team! 
  • Newsletters and Websites
  • Graphic creation
  • Google forms creation
  • Street/ARC/Review team creation
  • Street/ARC team management
  • Social media management
  • & more
Current PA Clients:
  • LR Friedman
  • Whitney Dean
  • Ashley Olivier
  • CN Maxwell
  • Rachel Drake/Rebecca Sampson

Bound by Mischief does not charge for ambassador affiliations or merchandise representation.

Bound by Mischief has experience working with the following independent contractors and can put you in touch if requested. The listed individuals are not employees of BBM and their work does not reflect on the business. This is simply an extra resource if you are in need of these services.
  • Editing services including Alpha, Beta, and Sensitivity reading:
    • Instagram: @Kristens_Book_Nook_
  • Cosplay services:
    • Instagram: @TheaViciousCosplay
  • Character Art Commissions
    • Instagram: @Aareli.Art
    • Instagram: @ArtByLenaBishop

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Fine Print:
Packages are custom built with a variety of services to cater to client request.
Payments accepted via PayPal, unless otherwise discussed: payments due at time of booking.
Service costs may vary slightly on request details and customization.
Prices may increase at any time due to business necessity.
Increases in price will not affect existing contracts.
All costs and details will be finalized at time of booking.
All other marketing and management requests not listed will be discussed at time of booking.