Welcome fellow readers!

I am so happy you’re interested in helping Bound by Mischief to promote your favorite Indie Authors and Small Bookish Businesses! Some of you may not be familiar with details and requirements for being a host on a promotional or book review tour. I have created this page to *hopefully* answer lingering questions and provide you with some comfort knowing you’re in good hands here!
BBM is a very flexible, understanding, and accepting place to be! I am an open book when it comes to new ideas and I will listen to your concerns with an open door policy via email or Instagram. Please don’t be shy to reach out anytime!
Have questions that I didn’t cover here? Send me an email/DM! I will gladly talk things through with you to ensure you know what you’re taking on. 

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Hosting Requirements:
All tours will require a minimum of one post from you on a designated day when you are signed up for the tour or promo team. The date(s) will be in the sign-ups. You will receive ready-to-use graphics, blurbs, images, hashtags, etc. ahead of time. Everything required will be relayed via email after sign-ups close or within the group chats via IG or Discord. Not all tours are review tours! We offer single day tours for cover reveals and release day blasts as well as sales promotions and small business promos. All services are customized with the author and special requests will be relayed to you as needed.

*Some authors may request an add-on service, a second book for a series to be highlighted. For these, I may have to assign different reviews/promo materials to each host. This will be a discussion via IG ahead of time, as well as assigning dates. All details you need will be provided as normal and nothing will be thrown at you blindly! 

Company notes for a successful tour:
Packages are custom built with authors/businesses so not all tours will be the exact same. Please read sign-up details carefully, I do know that life happens, so if any issues arise and you cannot post/review on time, please reach out so I can work with you.
When signing up for a review tour and ARCs, I highly encourage choosing books that truly interest you. Genres, tropes, trigger/content warnings are provided at sign-up. This is to allow for fair reviews and ratings. All reviews must remain spoiler free! 
We want our business to remain positive for both our clients and our hosts on all social media outlets. I’ll kindly ask that if you must rate below 3 stars, that you wait at least 1 week after release to post the review, and to provide a detailed response as to why it was only 1-2 stars. This is to ensure that other readers have a clear idea of the book and what to expect. If you start a book that you do not like, please feel free to DNF and/or post as a promo instead.
There is no minimum posting required per month. There is no required time to post so long as it is sometime on the day assigned. Reviews are requested and preferred to be completed on or before the assigned dates of the tour. We do know that sometimes life happens though, so I do ask if you cannot finish a book prior to the end of the tour to please reach out to me and I will help you with what to post to stay compliant with our contracts.

Host Incentives:
While I am currently still working on how I want to do this, I will be offering incentives for hosts as a thank you for being on my team! Details will be shared in host chats on IG and Discord as information comes available. Incentives are only available to those currently active on the Bound by Mischief team.

Host Fine Print:
All information sent regarding authors and their work must be kept to yourself. Questions and concerns can be relayed to myself via IG, Discord, or email. Excitement that contains spoilers can be shared within the group chats only. No information can be leaked outside of the team.
Pirating ARCs is ILLEGAL. Links must not be shared whatsoever. If you have issues with your e-books, chat with me directly, and I will inform you how to proceed. Do not request to use another host’s link.
You will have three strikes of not posting/reviewing what you sign up for before being removed from the team.

Sound like a good fit? You’re welcome to fill out the form below to send over your information. All tours will have their own designated forms, but this will get you started in the community and helps me to get to know you ahead of time.

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