Fight Release and Review Tour

 Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Trigger/content warnings:  Intense grief and stages of loss, de-th (on page and discussed), mentions of ab-se (physical), alcohol and substance ab-se, accidental overd0se (one instance, on page), on page t0rture/m-rder, non-graphic se+ual content (on page), PT$D, su!cidal tendencies, vi0lence, pew pew vi0lence, bl00d, and language.

Tropes/themes/subjects: Morally Grey gets even darker, Grief and Mental Health Rep, Unlikely Allies, Hidden Identities, Found Family, Second Chance Romance, Tortured Heroine, Dream Sequences, Second in Trilogy (Reads Like a Duology).

Word Count: About 114,000 words

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A red sun rises on Anatoliene…
Fueled by their losses and driven by an unnamed force hidden deep within the shadows, the Tzel expose themselves and the Unseen race to humanity. More powerful than ever, they vow to eliminate the Liorah once and for all, even if it means destroying the entire city in the process.
A new threat lingers…
Faced with the consequences of her actions in the marsh, Lacey Talanton is now trapped. Unable and unwilling to leave Anatoliene, she finds herself at the center of the conflict between the forces of Darkness and Light. More dire, however, is the state of her own mind as she tries to reconcile the truth of her new reality with the lies that have upended her world.
But time is not on her side…
Torn between truth and lies, shadow and light, love and hate, Lacey finds herself staring down impossible odds that cannot be overcome until she accepts the fate becoming clearer to her every day. But as a storm closes in and war rages on, threatening to break her entirely, one question remains:
Where do you stand and who do you fight when right looks wrong and dark looks light?